Spooky Cemetery Wine & Drink Glass Charms Set of 6

$18.00 USD


Product Description

Embark on a visit to a spooky cemetery with this set of 6 hand crafted wine charms which include: a cat's silhouette as he prowls through the tombstones, cemetery angels, an illustrated section of a cemetery, and the full moon as it peeks behind a tree.

Artwork has been laser printed onto acid free paper, made into sturdy mylar covered 7/8" buttons, and are securely set in recessed antique silver colored metal frames which have starburst unglittered backs. Wine charms will arrive at their destination safely resting in a gift box.

I use these charms regularly at home and they are quite durable, although they are water resistant they should never be left submerged or put into a dish washer. Any reflective glare in the photos does not appear on the actual charms.

***Wine charm back photograph is representative of the backs which are individually dusted with glitter and sealed. Glitter patterns vary.***

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by:)

Spooky Cemetery Wine & Drink Glass Charms Set of 6

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