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Maneki Neko Year of the Tiger Pendant on Silver Plated Chain


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Tarot Card The Empress Altered Art Earrings


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Mermaids 1.25" Magnets Set of 8


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Retro Flower Seed Packet LILY EARRINGS


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Alice in Wonderland 1.25" Magnets Set of 8


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Sunflower Vintage Flower Illustration Pocket Mirror


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3 Cats Jewelry & Art

Hello! Welcome to 3 Cats Jewelry and Art at Zibbet. I enjoy creating original art and jewelry. My fondess for cats is often reflected in my creations. I'm in the process of building my store here at Zibbet so please stop back:) For more about 3 Cats visit my website: http://www.threecatsgraphics.com